The Purpose of Life is to Love

A first-anniversary Ghostbusters: Answer the Call ezine is in the works. Find out how you can contribute.

May 23rd, 2017

Ghosthead Clarissa Ryan is starting a fanzine to commemorate the first anniversary of Ghostbusters: Answer the Call aptly titled The Purpose of Life is to Love.

Submissions are welcome in the form of essays, personal reflections, letters, poems, lists, recipes and more! Be sure to check the guidelines before submitting and get your work in before the June 11th deadline.

"Much as I adore Holtzmann, I don’t want it to turn into The Holtzmann Show Starring Holtzmann (or the USS Holtzbert). I really want the zine to be about the whole thing: the movie, the people who made it, and the fandom that’s grown up around it. So let’s give other characters, aspects, and crew of the film some love too."

Please also mind the note from zine founder Clarissa Ryan above and take careful consideration when choosing your theme.

Looking forward to reading the first issue and hope there will be more to come.