1:1 Terror Dog Mount with LED Eyes

Chronicle Collectables outdid themselves with a MUST HAVE piece for collectors and fans!

February 26th, 2018

Written by Lee T. Lunsford


"Okay, who brought the dog?" Louis Tully, portrayed by the loveable Rick Moranis, spoke one of the most memorable lines in the 1984 Ghostbusters movie. Now is your chance to get your very own 1:1 life-sized Terror Dog bust from the original 1984 Ghostbusters movie!

This 1:1 scale Terror Dog is a wall mount, and is cast from a screen-used puppet which an actor wore in the live-action shot filming the Terror Dog scenes while shooting Ghostbusters in 1984. This is a life-size bust of the terror dog from the various terror dog scenes in Ghostbusters, and features remote controlled light-up LED eyes!

Looks like a bear. Looks like a cougar. Nope, it looks like the 1:1 Terror Dog Wall Mount Bust from the 1984...

Posted by Chronicle Collectibles on Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ghostbusters fans know all about the iconic blood red eye the Terror Dogs had in Ghostbusters. The Terror Dog comes with the complete two horn set that replicates both the Vinz Clorho and Zuul versions of the Terror Dog. This monstrous beast is intended for mounting either on a wall or some sort of vertical surface. Personally I say if you have room in your closet, consider being screen accurate. Place your Terror Dog in there and invite some friends over. Bonus points if their names are Ted and Annette.

You better run like Louis Tully and take advantage of the introductory price tag for this beast. For the first thirty days Chronicle Collectables will be offering the 1:1 Terror Dog bust with LED eyes for only $850! After thirty days the early bird special is over and the price goes up to $999. Either way, this item does qualify for interest-free payment plans.

With the success of the smaller 1:4 scale version of the Terror Dog, Chronicle Collectibles decided to go big with a life size version of the Terror Dog and I say why hasn't anybody ever thought of this idea before because I think it is simply flawless. After all, there are life-size Batman statues and other superhero related statues so why not a life size statue of a key symbol from one of the greatest supernatural comedies of our time?