General Ghostbusters Discussion

This is the General Ghostbusters discussion forum. Feel free to talk about the movies, cartoons, merchandise, etc.

Ghostbusters World

Discuss the groundbreaking mobile augmented reality video game that turns your iOS or Android device into a proton pack! Discuss the game and learn how to more effectively bust, collect and level-up ghosts in your neighborhood.

Ghostbusters Fan Projects

This may not be Ray's Occult, but it certainly is a place to share your creations. Fan art, fan fiction, movies, ideas, share yours with the community today!

Ghostbusters Franchises

The franchise rights alone will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Ghostbusters Video Games

Discuss the upcoming Ghostbusters video games we'll be seeing in 2008! Also don't forget about the old console GB games...well you can forget some of them!

Ghostbusters Comic Books and Manga

Discuss new Ghostbusters manga from Tokyopop, IDW's Ghostbusters: The Other Side, 88MPH's Ghostbusters, The Real Ghostbusters Now! comics, and everything in between!

Ghostbusters Marketplace

Trade, buy, or sell your Ghostbusters collectables with other ghostheads. The franchise rights alone will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams!

Ghostbusters Websites

Share and discuss your favorite Ghostbusters websites. Feedback

Problems? Ideas? Well then, let us know and we'll get right to it! This is also a place where news about changes will be posted.

Ghostbusters 3

Ghostbusters III, the movie that may never be made. Discuss anything and everything related to this proposed movie, maybe even your own script!

General Discussion

Come hang out. We never talk anymore.