I present to you - CHANGE!

by TyFire

8 years, 7 months ago

The other night, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking to Chad Paulson. He told me that he's releasing GB.net 2.0 later this month. That means a website that isn't ran by AJ Quick, that means a site that is ran by people that (hopefully) won't allow ProtonCharger do whatever he wants. Pretty much a website nothing…like…this. -

Well, simply put GBFans.com is the largest site that’s dedicated to Ghostbusters. Fans from all around the world are members of it. Given only those that have contributed to the community, i.e. selling highly accurate prop parts, will be respected. Then they in turn pressure you into buying said prop parts. Other wise they believe you don’t have passion in ghostbusters, or props. GBfans.com even have their own 501st group. They’re motto pretty much is – build the most accurate prop possible or GTHO. Don’t worry; I’ll go into detail of how ‘wonderful’ this site is.

When you join the members of this website will seem incredibly kind, and helpful. Even though they’ll scold you for not using the forum’s search function, they seem to have a fetish for the darn thing. To be honest, the search function doesn’t even work that well. Pretty much if you don’t search out the entire website, and every last thread that’s been made, well then get the hell out of here. Also, once you do something that doesn’t show Einstein level intellect, you will be treated as an outcast, they’ll even turn you into a joke. Oh, and here’s my favorite part - if you retaliate, it’s considered attacking the member that was insulting you in the first place.

They also have a member over there, which will serve as the prime example for how this website treats people. Protoncharger, or Adam to some of you. He gets annoyed easily, and usually for no justifiable reason. Once you get on his bad side, he’ll never let up on insulting you, and bashing you. His CONSTANT sarcasm, pretty much a hatful insult wrapped up in bull crap, will make you want to cut your wrists. No one is nearly as hatful as this guy. PC is heavily opinionated; he’ll force it down your throat when you don’t want hear what he has to say. When he describes how much of a ‘dipshit’, ‘social retard’, or a ‘pain in the ass for the local franchise’ you are, he says it’s the ‘truth’. It almost seems like he has nothing better to do with his life, not to mention he’s in the website’s chat room 24/7. Again, seems like he makes it his own personal mission to make people’s lives hard, and unbearable on this website. This man…my god…I don’t know why AJ Quick, the site’s all might creator, lets him get by with this crap. It’s always constant, he NEVER lets up, that’s what makes this so…. aggravating.

Now onto their 501st group - Some of you may not know what I’m referencing to, the 501st bit. It refers to a Star wars prop forum that is ran by some of the most egotistical elitists. The GBFans.com group is a fan made Ghostbusters franchise, ran by some people that share a very similar personality to the people at 501st.com, evidently the reason why I refer to them as that. They’re not bullies, like PC. But, they share a heavily opinionated attitude as him unfortunately. I have to give them credit, they do have really nice, and some the most accurate props ever made. They’re elitist attitude, and they assuming that everyone under the damn sun should build highly accurate, and not to mention, highly expensive props is what makes them Asses.

The site’s community love memes. Like for example - here was this fellow, who was first razzed for putting too many watermarks on his photos. Began a thread titled - ‘nice job you did’, I assume he was trying to create a meme. Well he was successful, mostly do to the community’s need for an inside joke, their own personal memes, and further making the site it self a joke. Now several months later, the thread is still kicking. Nothing becomes old with these people. It’s ridiculous. Boxxy was a huge hit with them too. With the constant memes, bashing, and all the other crazy things, no one would know this was a site for Ghostbusters, if it wasn’t called GBFans.com.

The rare event, when there is an honest troublemaker, given if he isn’t buddies with the website’s creator already, instead of taking care of the problem and banning him, they humor the person’s antics. Given it’s been stated that we don’t know what the moderators, and the all mighty creator discusses when it comes to problems. So I guess evident trolls, spammers, and troublemakers aren’t so easy to spot. It takes time, and discussion to figure out if it’s a real problem. Oh, if you’re wondering - Protoncharger use to be banned constantly. What changed? No idea. From what I understand, he hasn’t changed. His posts are monitored now, though. I guess the all mighty creator was tired of banning him every week. The moderators are morons.

There’s supposedly a rule – whatever’s something spoken of in the chat room, it isn’t supposed to leave the chat room. Kind of like - ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’. Mostly they talk about the members they don’t like, it’s the cyber equivalent of talking behind one’s back. It’s okay with the all mighty creator. So the hell with it I guess.

So what have we learned? The site is twofaced. They pull you in with such a great looking site, and then they make your life a living hell. Sure it has the largest repository of information from the movies, and the movies’ props. More reference pictures, and knowledge people can imagine. But, screw it. They’ll pressure you into buying the most expensive prop parts, and lead you to believe there are no other options friendlier to your wallet. They say you’re supposed to expect this kind of crap on the Internet. The all mighty creator has admitted that his hopes for the site would bring fans of the movies closer together, and inspire them to build props. Well the site speaks for it self, quite a bit. I’ve been told he complains about people hating on his site, shouldn’t that be a sign that there’s something wrong?

Point is - as long as you’ve met and gotten along with the all mighty creator, his friends, and their elitists, you shouldn’t have any problems. To put it simply, a lot of these people have met AJ Quick outside of the community, and get along quite well. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the all mighty creator gives special attention to these people. Some people foolishly call them ‘Heavies’. I won’t call them this, why? It humors them. They think it's another pathetic attempt of ‘ours’ to make people believe that they're some kind of an evil monopolizing empire or some shit. They're just douche bags that have nothing better to do. I like to call them pricks, or in AJ’s case, the worst website owner in all eternity. You know what’s just hilarious? As people foolishly put them into a higher up bracket, and started calling them heavies. AJ and his pals have put ‘us’ the pathetic, socially inept, shit for brains into a bracket. As we blame them for the problems on GBFans, they blame ‘us’ for being the problem. I mean my god; these people were born assholes.

I simply don’t like this place anymore. It was GBprops.com before it became GBfans.com. The differences between the two are astonishing. It was smaller, Protoncharger was nonexistent, and So-Cal GBs wasn’t even a glimmer in the creators’ eye. The place didn’t feel overwhelming, people didn’t pressure you into buying what they wanted you to buy, and they didn’t gang up on you when you do something, in their opinion, wrong. Maybe AJ changed, maybe he suffered a personal lost, or something just bad happened that made him into such a douche bag.

I say - just avoid this place. Download some prop plans, build them the way YOU want to, and never come back. Just enjoy being a fan, have fun. That can only happen if you’re not a member on this site.

I pray to god Chad runs his new site A LOT differently. A site where we can all have fun, and simply enjoy being a Ghostbusters fan. I also pray ProtonCharger won't be allowed here. I just want change, AJ has let his site go down the crapper. I want to apologize for coming off so harsh, but I am fed up with GBFans. I'm fed up with how they treat me, how they treat EVERYONE. They simply have no right. So lets all welcome change, and wave goodbye to AJ and his heavies.

by Kingpin

8 years, 7 months ago

There's a lot in this post to approach, and after my own very public response to some areas I felt had changed for the worse, I'm not sure if I want to drag that over to here where the issue is non-existant.

Although a number of forums consider it bad form to complain about a different forum or website, I also acknowledge and appreciate the healing power of simply being able to vent.

Unfortunately, Adam is a member here… he isn't very active but when he is, he's venomous. I've been discussing the matter with Jay, the other currently active Moderator here and with Chad, and I'm hopeful he'll be removed sooner rather than later. He should've received a ban from GBFans by now.

The memes are also detrimental to the forum, they're allowed to run rampant through the forum, and it's ironic that the “good job you did” thread, and that bizzarre/stupid half thumb's up are both attributeable to SecrecyGuy, someone who became derided by the majority.

AJ does browse this forum and post here on occasion… so you may or may not be contacted by him in regard to this topic.

by Nhvenkman

8 years, 7 months ago

I have been on Gbfans for about a year and a half now. And I can honestly say I have made some good friends on it. People who I have met have been friendly and supportive. With out those so called heavies I would have never realized my 26 year old dream of building a proton pack. People from the So cal team have done so many great things for the whole GB community by giving advice and reference pictures to anyone who needs them. Do they have memes, Hell yes and most of them are funny. Its a great site that offers so much to every fan. As long as you have a sense of humor and arnt uber sensitive you will do fine. Ty your problem is, is that you do not have a sense of humor and you don't ignore what people say to you. PC is a good guy. Those heavys are good guys. You just don't know how to listen when people give you advice.

by jay_tigran1

8 years, 7 months ago

All right, this is gonna turn into one huge argument that we don't need.

I won't delete this thread *yet*, but I am locking it.

by Kingpin

8 years, 7 months ago

I've been requested by Vince to quote a post he'd written clarifying some of the recent circumstances.

I joined this site specifically to respond to this post. I'm a new moderator over at GBFans and would like to offer a little perspective this subject.

Ty was given a 1 week ban from GBfans last night for posting an almost identical thread and then Re-posting it after it was taken down. He chose to be sneaky and make his posts at a time when he knew that the site owner would be traveling and unable to see it until the next day. This is not the first instigating post that he's made as he's prone to singing these swan songs. My role is not to censor him, I'd prefer to not have to worry about his posts at all but he keeps trying to stir the pot which is the exact opposite of what he's clamoring for. How can you create a pleasant climate by instigating people and specifically complaining about certain individuals by name. I highly doubt that this is going to rally much sympathy for you, Ty.

To be clear, the “501st” group that Ty is referring to would be the group that I am a member of, The So-Cal Ghostbusters. When we first launched our franchise Ty WAS given an invitation to join and he declined, which has no real bearing on the subject other than the fact the he acts like he was being discriminated against from the get-go, which is untrue.

As time went by and we got to know Ty more we starting finding out just how immature he really was, this entire rant is testament to that. He was offered several reasons why he was not going to be allowed into the group, ALL of them were really just to spare his feelings and avoid telling him that his immaturity and personality were the reasons for his exclusion.

He goes through constant fits of hating people, then apologizing, then hating other people, then apologizing, then hating more people etc. etc.

At one point he would come into conflict with anyone he came across who preferred the first Ghostbusters film over the second. I doubt very much that Ty will able to deny any of this as it's all fact. My inbox is full of apology letters from him over all of his various blow-ups. At the end of the day it all boils down to the fact that none of us are interested in babysitting him.

As far as his complaints about GBFans as a site, if he had any idea of just how much work and moderation it actually takes when you have a member population of that size maybe he would think twice and I think Kingpin can attest to that.

I certainly can.

Ty spends at least 2 hours PER DAY in the chat room, I know because I am also usually there while I'm at my office. He rarely interacts with anyone, instead he just takes notes on everything that is said at all times and then he plays the whistle blower game back on the forums. A few nights ago he was basically begging for a moderator position from an admin of another site who was visiting the GBFans chat. Hopefully that person will see this and realize what a mistake that would be.

Ty has been given a lot of leniency over the fact that he's still a young man trying to figure out his place in the world but as far as I'm concerned, after reading this, Ty is adult enough and eloquent enough to not receive any further coddling.

This is nothing more than a cry for attention. Negative attention is still attention and by even responding to this post I'm basically giving him what he wants (not sure if that's is a good thing or not).

If anyone reading this would like to know more or if you feel that there is something that could be done better on my part my door is open.