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Ghost in the Machine

Maurice LaMarche - Dr. Egon Spengler

Tara Strong - Kylie Griffin (as Tara Charendoff)

Jason Marsden - Garrett Miller

Alfonso Ribeiro - Roland Jackson

Rino Romano - Eduardo Rivera

Pat Musick - Janine Melnitz

Billy West - Slimer

Billy West - Mayor McShane

Victor Dal Chele -

Dan Aykroyd - (characters)

Steve Cuden - (writer)

Harold Ramis - (characters)

Peter Aries - checking

Duff Armour - checking

Traci Balthazor - color design supervisor

Dimitri Bialk - color stylist

Jean-Paul Bondy - color stylist

Andrew Brandou - color director

Jevon Bue - background designer

Will Burns - color stylist

Caroline Choat - character designer

Djinni Christener - color stylist

Aaron Crippen - timing director

Zeon Davush - timing director

Patrick Delaney - color stylist

Jerilyn Dever - timing director (as Jerilyn Mettlin)

Rita Doumar - checking

Rex Faraday - checking

Edmond Garcia - character color stylist

Donn Greer - character designer

Mike Guerena - color design supervisor

Sandi Hathcock - checking supervisor

Scott Heming - background designer

Jamie H. Huang - timing director

Roger Injarusorn - animatic supervisor

Jill Jacobs - timing director

Mark Jetmir - checking

Rosa Yang Kato - animatic production coordinator

Randy Ludensky - timing director

Michel Lyman - supervising timing director

Evan Mack - character color stylist

Anne Louise Mahoney - color stylist

Helen Maier - character designer

Ross Malorzo - character color stylist

Sean Martinez - color stylist

Lori Matthews - checking

Ray McClure - color stylist

Fred Miller - timing director

Linda Nagata - animatics assistant

Merysa Nichols - color stylist

Gloria Palter - checking

Thomas Perkins - character designer

Kunio Shimamura - timing director

Brian Smith - color stylist

Rachel Stratton - color stylist

David Teague - timing director

Kim Truong - checking

Alys Urwiler - color stylist

Dave Williams - character designer

Ray Angrum - storyboard clean-up artist

Fil Barlow - creature and character designer

Marcos Borregales - prop designer

Jonathan Casson - art coordinator

Michael Chang - storyboard clean-up artist

Arnold Doong - storyboard clean-up artist

Glen Hill - storyboard artist

Don Hudson - storyboard clean-up artist

Jim Janes - storyboard artist

Steve Jones - storyboard clean-up artist

Edward Laroche - storyboard clean-up artist

Ray Leung - prop designer

Eugene Mattos - prop supervisor

Samuel Montes - storyboard clean-up artist

Sebastian Montes - storyboard clean-up artist

Dirk Okumoto - prop designer

Jay Oliva - storyboard artist

Dan Pedra - storyboard clean-up artist

Thomas Perkins - prop designer

Kathleen Poirer - prop designer

Rafael Rosado - storyboard artist

Tom Ryder - storyboard clean-up artist

Matthew Schenk - art coordinator

Wayne Schulz - prop designer

Dietrich Smith - storyboard clean-up artist

Michael Swanigan - storyboard artist

Romeo Tanghal - storyboard artist

Scooter Tidwell - storyboard clean-up artist

Eric Vesbit - supervising art coordinator

Chap Yaep - storyboard artist

Paul Young - storyboard clean-up artist

Vince Toyama -

Tim Eldred - assistant director: main title

Bob Hathcock - assistant director: main title

Toshiyuki Hiruma - assistant director: main title

Roger Injarusorn - assistant director: main title

Kris Sherwood - assistant director: main title

Jim Latham -

Bruce W. Cathcart - (as Bruce Cathcart)

Eric C. Daroca -

Mark Scheib -

Kyle Solorio -

Eytan Sternberg -

Lisa Castro - post-production assistant

Bruce W. Cathcart - supervising editor (as Bruce Cathcart)

Ben Choo - assistant animatic editor

Darryl Johnson - assistant editor

Tina Kane - animatic editor

Pieter Kaufman - assistant animatic editor

Christopher Keith - director of post-production

Monica Lee - assistant animatic editor

Myra Owyang - assistant animatic editor

Yayoi Phillips - assistant animatic editor

Aroonsawat Sawat-Chuto - assistant animatic editor

Billie Shane - assistant animatic editor

Kris Sherwood - supervising effects editor (as Kris Weber-Sherwood)

Tony Tedford - assistant animatic editor

Jim Latham - composer: theme music

Monique Beatty - associate producer

Daniel Goldberg - executive producer

Jeff Kline - supervising producer

Joel Kuwahara - consulting animation co-producer

Joe Medjuck - executive producer

Audu Paden - producer

Richard Raynis - executive producer

Rafael Rosado - producer

Ping Warner - coordinating producer (as Ping Boucher)

Duff Armour - production supervisor

Scott Bernstein - production supervisor

Dennis Graham - post-production supervisor

Miles Lewis Horst - production manager

Christopher Keith - post-production supervisor

Chris Meola - production supervisor